Small Gods (mp3) Terry Pratchett

Книги автора: Terry Pratchett

Small Gods

Аудиокнига скачать бесплатно: Small Gods
Издательство: BBC Radio
Автор: Terry Pratchett
Год: 2006
Формат: mp3
Битрейт аудио: 160 kbps
Размер: 131 mb
Язык: English
Продолжительность: 1 час 51 минута

The Great God Om tries to manifest himself once more in the world, as the time of his eighth prophet is nigh. He is surprised, however, when he finds himself in the body of a tortoise, stripped of his divine powers.

In the gardens of Omnia's capital he addresses the novice Brutha, the only one able to hear his voice. Om has a hard time convincing the boy of his godliness, as Brutha is convinced that Om can do anything he wants, and would not want to appear as a tortoise.

Brutha is gifted with an eidetic memory and is therefore chosen by Vorbis, the head of the Quisition, to come along on a diplomatic mission to Ephebe. However, Brutha is also considered unintelligent, since he never learned to read, and rarely thinks for himself.

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