The Early History of National Socialism

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 The Early History of National Socialism

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Издательство: The Teaching Company
Автор: Thomas Childers
Год: 2003
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Язык: English
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The question that would arise in every discussion about the rise and fall of the Third Reich is why study the national-socialist experience, why look at the Third Reich. It is, after all, a morbid, depressing and terrifying topic. And yet it is the topic that has to be addressed, has to be analyzed, has to be coped with. In many ways it is the pivotal experience of XXth Century Western Civilisation, linking political, economic, social and moral issues that stay in the very core of our experience of the XX-s century. In other words we cannot afford not to try, not to understand what National Socialism meant, where.
It came from, who supported it, why, and how the regime was able to almost achieve its terifying ideological objectives. It's obviously more than an intellectual problem. The balance of power in the world was fundamentally altered by the Nazi regime, bringing in a way to the II World War to the eclipse of Europe and a rise of two great superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union. In the process millions of people lost their lives either in the war itself, or as a result of Nazi terror and mass extermination.

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