Oxford Tiny Talk 1 (МР3+PDF)

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 Oxford Tiny Talk 1
Автор:Rivers Susan
Аудиокнига скачать бесплатно: Oxford Tiny Talk 1
Издательство: Oxford
Год: 2008
Формат: МР3+PDF
Размер: 467МВ
Эта Оксфордская классическая программа разработана специально для детей 3-6 лет. Это самые первые шаги в английском языке (как в иностранном).
Курс состоит из 3-х уровней.
Three levels: Beginner, ages: 3 years and above, a three-level communicative listening and speaking series for 3 to 6 year-olds.
Key features
The course provides a simple but steady development of new language through a carefully graded syllabus with built-in review.
The characters, themes, and situations are relevant and appealing to very young children.
Each Student Book unit opens with the main characters featured storybook style in a familiar daily situation. This is followed by a focus on vocabulary items and a short Pattern Practice of the language structure. The unit concludes with a sticker activity.
Songs by Carolyn Graham, well-known songwriter and creator of Jazz Chants, appear in every lesson.
1) 2 Student book: 1A и 1В
2) Teacher's book (одна книга для 1A и 1B)
3) CD - 2 шт. для книг Student Book 1A и 1B
4) Частично сканированные страницы из Workbook 1A и 1B
примеры страниц Level 1 до и после изменений


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