Learn Italian. Vocabulary 2001 - Innovative language (pdf, mp3)

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 Learn Italian. Vocabulary2001

Аудиокнига скачать бесплатно: Learn Italian. Vocabulary2001
Автор: Innovative language
Год выпуска: 2011
Издательство: Innovative language
Серия: Word Power
Страниц: 1985
Формат: pdf, mp3 (128 kbps)
Размер: 331.02 Мб
Качество: хорошее
Язык: английский, итальянский

Озвученный словарь для изучения итальянских слов. Содержит примерно 2000 слов, для каждого слова есть картинка и пара-тройка поясняющих примеров с переводом на английский язык.

Master Italian with Learn Italian - Word Power 2001. This e-book is a completely new way to learn Italian vocabulary fast! Start speaking Italian in minutes with the powerful learning methods you will master in this book.
The vocabulary words you’ll find in Learn Italian - Word Power 2001 were hand selected by our Italian language teachers as the top 2001 most frequently used words in the Italian language. With each entry, you’ll see the word and a vibrant image to help remember the meaning. You’ll hear the word (separate free download) to master the pronunciation. Then you’ll see how the word is actually used in everyday speech with sample sentences and phrases. Learning Italian vocabulary has never been easier!




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