Super Simple Christmas Songs (audiobook)

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Super Simple Christmas Songs (audiobook)
Аудиокнига: Super Simple Christmas Songs (audiobook)
Издательство: Super Simple Learning
Год: 2005
Формат: МР3+DOC
Размер: 50МВ
Качество: 160кбит/сек
Язык: Английский

Super Simple Christmas Songs CD это рождественские песенки на английском языке, для изучения английского языка, а так же их можно использовать для проведения утренников в детских учреждениях.
We love Christmas! We love the decorations, the stories, the spirit of goodwill, and of course, the songs! However, Christmas songs can often be too fast or too difficult for young learners. We've created some simple songs, games, party ideas, lesson plans, and teaching resources to help you enjoy the holidays with kids from 2-8 years old. In addition to learning some traditional Christmas-themed songs and vocabulary, you can use the winter holidays to introduce concepts like prepositions of place, counting, action verbs, parts of the body and more. It's Christmas made simple, educational, and FUN!


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